We’re so glad you’ve taken some time to learn more about Tarrytown Children’s Center! Please read on to find out more information about our program and how we function as a school.

Our Program Texas-Rising-Star-Logo

Children are our only business. They come first in our hearts and dedication. For over twenty-five years TCC has been a ministry of The Sanctuary. As a ministry of the church, Christian values are taught and reinforced in age appropriate ways, but our classes are open to all children, regardless of religious beliefs. We provide a program of classes for children six months to five years. TCC is a four star Texas Rising Star school, which certifies that our school is committed to higher standards of education. Our teachers receive a minimum of 30 training hours annually, are certified in CPR/First Aid, and the majority of our staff hold a CDA or Bachelor’s degree in education, and the remainder are currently in the process of finishing their CDA. We believe that children are a gift from God and we are honored that you have entrusted your children to us. We take that responsibility seriously!

Our Purpose


We believe that as a church and school community, we are called to be a reflection of God’s love and to share that love with others. Providing a nurturing environment for children and a place of support for families is one way we fulfill that mission. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her greatest potential cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. This is accomplished with the guidance of caring staff that engage children in developmentally appropriate activities. We pray that this ministry is a blessing to your family and the Austin community.

Our Curriculum

Children’s play is their work. We believe that children learn best through hands on experiences. We agree with Jean Piaget and Maria Montessori that children learn primarily through their senses of curiosity, appropriate risk taking and love of learning. Conscious-Discipline-LogoChildren are encouraged to express their feelings and learn to show empathy for those around them. Additionally, they are taught to use their words to solve problems. The TCC staff has spent a significant amount of time to be trained in Conscious Discipline. Classrooms are arranged with learning centers including blocks, dramatic play, art, manipulatives (hands on play such as puzzles, Play Doh, etc.), music, science and math. Children learn how to enter confidently into a group to play, as well as how to play on their own. Teachers work individually with each child during the day, and in small and large group settings and track each child’s progress daily. Learning centers are presented in the form of play and children enter enthusiastically by their own choice and never through pressure. Among the resources used in lesson plan development, each class uses the WEE LEARN series published by Lifeway Christian ministry, Nashville, TN, Handwriting Without Tears and a library of additional resources.

Conscious Discipline

At TCC, we are a School Family. Our family is made up of children, teachers, staff, and parents all working together to make TCC a safe, nurturing place to create, explore, express, and grow. At school, we use an approach called Conscious Discipline to help us strengthen our school family.

The underlying principle behind Conscious Discipline is that discipline is “something we seek to instill in children, not do to children.” By creating a strong community where common routines, rituals, and language are used throughout the school, our children feel connected and safe, giving them the freedom to explore the world around them and build relationships with others. We give them tools to self-regulate frustration as well as to notice acts of kindness and helpfulness in others.

Conscious Discipline is research based and incorporates best practices in early-childhood education and supports a deeper understanding of the Christian’s love and care for each other. For more information, please visit the website: www.consciousdiscipline.com 

“Developing self control, curiosity and grit in children…has the potential to change how we raise children, run our school, how we construct our safety net.” – Paul Tough “How Children Succeed.